A group of fierce ladies hoping to help others strengthen their voices. We're all figuring this out together.


promoting unity. spreading acceptance.

Girl Crush is into real talk about the challenges and successes—big and small—womxn face. Both everyday womxn and those with platforms are working to strengthen their voices, and we aim to support by highlighting the thread that unites us all: our stories.

Connect with other womxn through their stories on our blog and Instagram. Have a story you’d like to share? We’re ready to listen.

the girl crush diamond.

Sharing takes bravery. We hope this action fills others with inspiration to pursue that thing they're not quite sure they can do, or to share their own story. The Girl Crush Diamond embodies this bravery and inspiration, two values we've built our brand on. The diamond is often seen as a symbol of rarity or love, but at Girl Crush, we see it as promoting strength of character and spreading acceptance—both to yourself, and to others.





get to know the girls behind girl crush — on the real 💅

Girl Crush was borne from the desire of three ladies, Debbie, Liz, and Katie, who wanted to see more positivity about women out in the world—on their social media feeds and IRL. The conversation around women is already changing, and Girl Crush is part of that movement. Find out more about our team below.


Founder, director of content

I'm a native Kentuckian living in Brooklyn, NY, specializing in the written word. I'm part of Girl Crush because I really do believe that women are made to support one another, but society has trained us—including me—to compete and compare. I'm here because I want to authentically show support for other women, and encourage that sentiment to spread. I want to be more inclusive of anyone who identifies as a woman and raise them up in this sisterhood of women.

I write fiction by night and am constantly editing what I see, whether asked to or not. I particularly enjoy obsessing over podcasts, reading books found on the street, and cuddling with my senior cat Margot. 

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FOUNDER, director of strategy

Born and raised in Miami to Cuban immigrant parents, I moved to New York to pursue life in New York City. I grew up believing that it's every (wo)man for themselves, but something in the back of my mind has always told me it doesn't have to be the case. We can do so much more united - as women and as people (where are my guys at?!) - than we can ever do as individuals. I want Girl Crush to be that source of empowerment that says, "if these women can do it, I can, too."

When I’m not making ads at my 9 - 5 or advocating #girlpower, I’m probably cooking or baking (because food), snapping pics, snuggling with my kitty Adele (yes, named after the singer), or trying to win a Broadway show lottery.




I’m a Colombian-American mother, wife, teacher, friend, sister, and daughter. I was born in LA, where my parents migrated to, and was raised in Miami (305 till I die). I’m a part of this team because I believe in creating space for every womxn. I also believe in MOVING OUT OF THE WAY for people who know more and should get the credit for making waves.

When I’m not trying to find a tiny way to make a ripple, I’m mothering my fierce little boy, tending to my plant babies, and forever looking for my place in this world.

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One part Cuban. One part fashion geek. Two parts creative. Three parts truth seeker. Too many parts? I don’t think so. In fact, I'd like to add one part painter, two parts foodie, three parts art historian, and 100 parts dog lover! I'm a first-generation Cuban American—my parents migrated to New York City, fleeing Castro's regime. Born in LA and raised in Miami, I've spent the better part of my life in warm, beachy weather. I moved to NYC to enhance my career in the fashion industry and I recently returned to my birthplace. I have a 25-year record of working with top fashion brands as a Creative and Product Director.

My passion stems from a deep understanding of the creative process and the love of creative, collaborative work. I believe in the cultivation of inspiration and aim to create products and assets that incite an emotional response. With the desire to spread the message of unity, power, and love to my sisters in life and career, I found my voice, mission, and vision with Girl Crush.