our september girl crush


Why we love her:

🏆 Let’s start with the obvious: Alexandria, a 28-year-old Latina female, won the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th congressional district earlier this summer. Not only did she win, but she crushed her opponent Joe Crowley, the Democratic Caucus Chair, who had not faced an opponent in 14 years. Girl. Power.



💪 She was willing to work her ass off for this victory. Alexandria is no stranger to hard work—she put her career on hold when her father was diagnosed with lung cancer, waitressing and bartending to help her family pay the bills. She pulled from her campaigns experience working for Obama’s 2008 run and Bernie Sanders’ 2016 run to organize her community, which made 170,000 phone calls, knocked on 120,000 doors, and sent 120,000 text messages to rally voters of all ages and demographics. She spent the Sunday before the election in Texas, joining in the demonstration against Trump’s immigration policies that separated thousands of migrant children from their parents.

❤️ She’s not afraid to be honest about her emotions. As a young woman who has made history, Alexandria is already bucking tradition by sharing how she feels—the good and the bad—about her political journey. In her interview with the New Yorker, she said, “You’re speaking to me when I am still emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and logistically processing all of this. The whole thing’s got me knocked a little flat.” How refreshing is it to hear real humanity from a politician?

👊 She’s a fighter. For every supporter on Alexandria’s Instagram and Twitter, there is at least one dissenter armed with something less than tasteful to say. She has received backlash from the press and certainly from Republicans, but there are many examples of her willingness and ability to have a healthy exchange of ideas, and none of the negativity seems to slow her down.

🐶 She is willing to allow conference call interruptions for doggos. We very much support this.


How you can show your support


Looking for your next lip? Alexandria has GOT YOU. Add the lipstick she was wearing on election night to your beauty arsenal. 

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If you like what Alexandria stands for, you can support monetarily or donate your time. Learn more about Alexandria on her official site.