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Why we love her:

⚡️ JK Rowling created a world we can all escape to. The story of Harry Potter displays themes of life and death, features friendships like family, and is full of literal magic. No other story has captured the minds of millions—young, old, and in between—and found a home in so many hearts and minds. Whether through her seven-part Harry Potter book series, its film counterparts, IRL replicas of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, Pottermore, fan fiction, fan podcasts, or the upcoming Fantastic Beasts series, there is no other universe so expansive.

🖋 She wrote a successful fantasy series (the best-selling book series of all time, NBD) in an industry dominated by men. When Bloomsbury agreed to publish Harry Potter, they insisted that its author—Joanne Rowling—create a pen name to hide that she was a woman. JK (the K is for Kathleen, Jo’s grandmother) Rowling was born, but guess what? No one cared that she was a woman because the story was so damn good—and came with a slew of bold female characters (hi Minerva and Hermione!) for girls to look up to.

💰 She legit started from the bottom. It’s well known that JK wrote much of the first Harry Potter book on scraps of paper. She knew what it was like to struggle: she had endured a tumultuous relationship which resulted in divorce, her mother had passed away of multiple sclerosis, and she was a single mother on welfare. Seven years after the first book was published, JK become the first writer to reach billionaire status. Several years later, JK dropped from the Forbes billionaire list because she had donated about 16% of her fortune to charity. Dope. She has also established two charities of her own: Lumos, which helps children in orphanages find a loving home, and the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic—named after her mother who died of MS—which focuses on researching new therapies for the disease.

😂 She doesn’t take anyone’s shit. Normally quite private, JK stays in touch with her fans via Twitter. She is also hilarious, which is not surprising when you think about the fact that she wrote all of Fred and George’s jokes. With 14.4 million followers, she uses her platform to interact with her fans, put trolls in their place again and again and again and again, stand up for what’s right, and remind us that she’s human. TBH, her commentary often sounds a lot like Dumbledore and we’re here for it.

📚 She continues to create. A decade after the final Harry Potter book was released, JK has written three screenplays (“Fantastic Beasts”), many pieces for Pottermore, a standalone novel (“The Casual Vacancy”), contributed to a play (“Cursed Child”), and is churning out mystery books in a series she wrote under the pen name Robert Galbraith, who she consistently refers to as her good friend. It’s wonderful that she’s adding to the universe she used to inhabit alone, sharing more magic with more generations, and telling even more stories outside that universe. JK, you are magic.




Lumos helps children in orphanages find a loving home, with the goal of all children growing up in loving, nurturing, protective families by the year 2050.


In 1990, JK’s mother passed away from complications of multiple sclerosis. When JK reached the age at which her mother died in 2010, she gave £10M toward the what is now the Anne Rowling Clinic.